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Managuense Cichlid
~Pooja Chakrabarty

Managuense Cichlid: Herichthys Managuensis

Managuenese Cichlids are from Nicaragua. These are rather boisterous, and monstrous (both in size and in behavior) cichlids that love to live in rocks. Yet these same, seemingly bad-tempered fish make wonderful parents to fry that grow up to be equally beautiful.

The Managuense Cichlid has the scientific name of Herichthys Managuensis. It is found in Nicaragua, and in Costa Rica. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, hence the name.

The Managuense Cichlid grows very rapidly till it reaches a length of about 6". Thereafter, the growth rate slows down to some extent. The Managuense Cichlid grows to about 14", and must be placed in a 55 gallon tank with temperatures around 70oF and 80oF, and in water that is slightly alkaline. The aquarium should be securely covered with a lid for Managuense Cichlids have this tendency of jumping out.

These fish produce a lot of waste; hence they need good filters and regular water changes. Remember: Diseases are caused most often due to dirty water and frequent water changes will really bring out the colors of your Managuense Cichlid. These fish are colored white with mottled black on it. Use a darker substrate as that will show the colors of your Managuense Cichlid to the best advantage.

The Managuense Cichlids are predatory enough to eat up even some of the other fish in their tank

Also provide them with rocks and caves as these are cave dwellers when in the wild. Place large rocks in the aquarium as Managuense Cichlids are capable of moving bigger stones.

The Managuense Cichlids are predatory enough to eat up even some of the other fish in their tank. It is not a good idea to feed these carnivores with feeder fish as this will only make them more aggressive. Also, this practice may increase the chance of contracting diseases. Feed them instead a variety of foods that includes pellets, flakes, frozen foods, and krill.

The Managuense Cichlids are also called Jaguar Cichlids because their greenish gold base and dark spots and stripes make them look like the coat of a jaguar. These good-looking fish sometimes even develop blue highlights on their caudal and dorsal fins. Also, their color appears to change with their moods. A sick or frightened fish will look paler than one which is happy and healthy.

Donít get taken in by his pretty appearance, for a Managuense Cichlid is usually super-aggressive, and will bully his tankmates if he can. Ideally he would like to run the whole tank. He should be provided with companions that will be able to defend themselves. The aggression however starts only after he becomes about 5" long.

The Managuense Cichlids do not form pairs easily. But once they do, breeding is not a problem. A mated pair should be kept in a separate tank, or else they will kill their other tankmates.  However, these fish do make wonderful parents. In fact they may move the fry in order to hide them from you. These fish however lay up to 2000 eggs at a time, so be prepared.

[Permission for using the above picture has been given by Jeff Rapps of Tangled Up In Cichlids.]

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